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Who's Online

Thank you DJ! ...You have provided EZ-B uers with some amazing software and added features to the EZ-Robot website. It would be great to know whos "online" to be able to chat about other topics or whatever rather then in a new thread...............Perhaps your web master person might be able add that in? :)..........But now that I think about it, how about a sticky at the top Threads, called ... Who's online?


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We will consider adding that to the list:)

It might be neat to add the chat feature back in a different format that works on phones too!
EEK ..I thought I set it to General ? Can I edit it or delete?
No no... I edited my post because I was the one who made the mistake:D

you didn't post a tutorial - I didn't notice on my phone - my bad
Whew.. :) A chat tab or dedicated thread would keep the other threads ....more free..... of superfalous(sp) chatter...if you know what I mean ;)
What about a small banner just above (User Details) showing "Online" when a member is active ?
Hey, this is a great idea. It's would be good to see who's out there. It would be tough to be a lurker though.
I also think something like that would be nice.
Yes Yes I like the idea. I was never able to get the original chat to work....
United Kingdom
The original chat was very quiet, I sat in there for 2 weeks on MIRC and had a total of about 6 people come in. I guess it could have been due to it not being well known or because of software issues.
Also would be helpful (and cool) if there was a place to see a list of every EZ Robot member. A place you could see all the member Avatars and clicking on them it would take you to their latest thread.

How many members do we have now?
Yup I think it would be great to see whos online and also be able to send a PM (pivate message)
Thanks DJ