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Who Won? Halloween Costume Competition

I believe the entries stopped yesterday morning, but I am pretty sure it is closed now. So who won?:) Anticipation is killing me and Roli really wants to know if everyone liked his costume.


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I'm wondering as well. Hopefully people like my custom from Roboreaper as well. Did you post your farscape roli?


Sure did Atom , I did a build log on it.


Thhats what I remember looking at, the build looks great. I threw together a "scrap golem" and dressed it like the reaper.

User-inserted image


That’s looks pretty cool man.


Thanks, now I just need a new ez brain and a 3d printer to build my next custom. A mini Protectotron from Fallout. I have the head printed from one of the forum members, just need a JD base to build on.


Great question! The deadline was last night at midnight, so we'll be reviewing the entries shortly. The winner will be announced in a video next week. Thanks for submitting!


:: Jumping up and down while waiting::


OK, relax. Don't so worked up that you spit up or wet your diapers. LOL. :P


We're hard at work on the announcement video! Very excited to showcase some amazing entries.


Such excite, much amazingness:)


@atomsk , I liked the way you said it better ;P Such excite, much amazingness Smile


So no news? I like to check in for the Halloween costumes. Adorable meme Josh.


Hello , Thanks Beetle! Where does the screen name come from?


I solved a problem that used to be known as The Beetle, so....Beetlesmart. Surprisingly it did not lead to Kardashian-like fame and fortune but at least I got a screen name out of it.


Congratulations to the winners, it was fun. Steve S


Congrats! I thought the Gremlin should have at least placed but he was probably to scary for our young members.

I would love to see videos of the winners in action.


Nice to see the wide variety of submissions. Looks like the field is much deeper than the forum regulars. Really nice to see the creativity.

Great job all that submitted!


congrats for the winners,woohoo. all great video's and another contest is comming.:D


Congratulations to all the winners! Lots of cute and funny pictures/videos! I also agree with @Perry_S that this video also gives some better idea of how many people are actually using and enjoying the EZ-Robot platform.


I love this contest. The entrants looked great, congrats to the winners.


Some very cute entries, I think my favorite was the square body vintage looking dracula



thats robot dorian.


Haha aww, thank you Josh! Glad you liked it.