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Who Wants Two Ezb-4S For $150 Total Free Shipping Arrives In 3-4 Days Expected

Who Wants Two BRAND NEW Ezb-4s For $150 Total Free Shipping Arrives In 3-4 Days Expected

I have got them and they have been tested. I ship ONLY to USA.

$150 for everything. NO WAITING!

If you make it an Even $200, I will include a Version 3. It has been refurbished but works fine.



yhmmc at yahoo.com

Just let me know.


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Also, I do have the refurbished V3. I will bundle it with an arduino (Mega) and another arduino (Duemilanove), and a parallax board of education Populated with the Basic Stamp. Also, A mega shield, and an (AurdinoFun) RobotShield.

They came off of my BOB robot.


ALL for $100 and FREE Shipping to Anywhere in the USA!
I will be getting rid of ALL of my Robot stuff accumulated in 41 years.

I will still stay into programming robots and still read the forum, but my building days are over.