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White LED On The EZ-B Board

I got my EZ-B yesterday and it seems to be working fine expept the white LED does not work. I thought I read something about it on the forum but I can't seem to find it. Any input would be appreciated.

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skater_j10 gave some helpful answers in the (status led fail post) yesterday.

my led was burned out. It was an easy fix


In relation to the LED's on the EZ-B does it mean anything if both the LED's are flashing red or are the LED's just any random color.


The Bluetooth module LED is always red, otherwise the EZ-B onboard LED it is a random color pulled from a pile of different colored LEDs. I think the colors are white, red, orange, green, & blue but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or missed one.


Thanks. I was just worried that the red light was demonstrating that something was wrong with my EZ-B.


I think mine came with an infrared LED It was never visible with the naked eye :)


HAHA, an infrared LED? That's awesome if so! I wonder how that would have happened *cool*