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Which Robot Kit To Get For 13/14 Years Old Girl?

hello, thank you all in advance. would like to get one of the ez robot/kits for a 13/14 years old girl, but not sure if girls like to make robots. a little encouraged by seeing prof e but what % of human gettng any ez robot is female? don't know what the girl likes, but friends suggested store card for some clothing shops, i think it lame, there must be better gift on the planet. google found ez robot, would like to hear what actual robot people think. there is such lacking of intelligent toys for young human out there!


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There are many girls who like and make robots, and I think it is a great idea for a gift. I would suggest getting her a gift card here and let her choose which one she likes best. Many children like JD. It is personally not my favorite, and takes some extra work to set up and get moving correctly (servo calibration). I have an adventurerbot, a Roli, and a Six. My favorite it Roli because it can actually do useful things (pick up toys, carry a drink, etc). My wife likes Six because it has such interesting movement.


Thank you guru, really appreciate your time to answer. i could only assume the young lady knows as little about robot as i, which is nothing.
the B v4/2 is not good for beginning 13/14 y o human with possibly no robot experience? Gift card is good after knowing she enjoys making robot but getting a plastic card as a Christmas gift is not the same as something in a box.
u all think a 13/14 y o with no experience would be able to start alone, without a grown up standing by to help looking up everything? already had to google "servo calibration" you mentioned. would AdventureBot be easier to start than the B v4/2 kit? where did you find out there are many girls who like and make robots? thank you again.


I would not start with the developer kit. In many ways, it is incomplete. For instance, you really need to add a LiPo battery and charger and adapter to get the best use of it. Starting with an Adventurebot or Battle Flipper (nice because it adds an extra servo) and a few extra pieces is a great way to start without spending too much if she winds up not being interested. It can be used as parts for her own designs, or used as-is with minimal assembly.

If I were buying for my nieces when they were 13 (and they both would have loved it), I would get Battle Flipper, an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Maybe a couple of lever servos, rotation servos, a claw, and some extension cubes so she can mix and match parts and get creative.

Note: EZ-Robot ships from China via DHL. The shipping is fairly expensive, so better to make 1 larger order than several small orders to save on shipping costs.



Thank you very much. Too bad the shipping cost is high, ships free over 75. you have been very kind, i will study these info you gave.


awesome, thanks, nomad, just not sure if the girl would like it. thus asking people what % of girls that age would like to play with robot.


btw, looks like both guru and nomad are guys. any female human here please?


That’s probably a hard question to answer for us but someone from EZ Robot might be able to answer. These robots are in many countries and schools around the world. Both boys and Girls would be equally exposed to robotics.

The disheartening figure is only 12-14% of engineers in the US are female. As a father of a 10 year old girl who exhibits a great deal of engineering aptitude ( assembles things effortlessly ) and drawing skills all we can do is encourage them with STEM and hope they continue interest. The end result job security? There are more engineering jobs than people to fill them.


thank you fxrtst, not thinking about jobs, just think a girl's mind is a terrible thing to waste.
heard female superheros toys don't sell, so less movies made on female superheros. thus am unsure if girls like to build robots.


Without trying to get political I think it's telling that in an era where society is suppose to be gender neutral that it seems like it's all we talk about. My suggestion is to just buy a gift that will appeal to the person and not worry about which gender it's aimed at. Sounds like you're already heading in that direction so both the child and you will be happy at Christmas. I do agree that more women need to push into dominant male jobs and activities. It's the only way to get past the stigmas. I work in a almost completely male career. High voltage power distribution construction and maintenance. Very philosophically and mentally challenging. I've had the honor of working next to a woman for the past 20 years. For the most part she has out preformed and out climbed most of the other Line Machines I've worked with for the past 40 years. Enough said by me. ;)


I’d get her a JD. I think with the robot program and Professor E series and the directitions in the Learn section she can learn how build JD and program it or any other EZ robot.

Think about getting her a WiFi USB dongle for her computer so she can run her internet and control her robot at the same time. Those are cheap and you get them anywhere like Amazon.


you can also use an meccanoid g15 or g15ks and convert it whit ez robot. its very easy to do.


thanks, all very kind men, not a woman so far. which is why i asked what % human doing ez robot is female.
meccanoid review says very hard to put together, which is why i thought ez robot would be better, being easy. ez robot videos r great if the child is interested and would spend time watching them. would like a toy that she would enjoy as well as good for her brain. really appreciate how nice and helpful you all r.