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Where'S Roli ?

For all you "Where's Wally" and "Where's Waldo" fans... Where's Roli ? ? ?

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You win :P:P :P


in the same picture.where is jd?hehe User-inserted image

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Haha, NO. You win a nice, cold pint of beer if your ever in London. :D


yes that black stuff you have.i wana try that.

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Anytime. And for spotting the other Roli, you can have two pints. :)


i think its calt guinnes

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Yep, you got it. That's the stuff.

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Lol, cute picture of the squirrel Downing a pint. :)


Guinness beer is Canadian Its has a mager connection to the lions gate bridge in Vancouver BC The Guinness family Built the lions gate bridge it was a toll bridge for many years then the family sold the bridge to finance the Guinness beer company

To this day I don't think that they use robots at all

Yet:D lol



Guinness beer is Canadian
@Wolfie I'd like to see you tell an Irish man that eek http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guinness



you will be suprised whats out there, thats not what it suposed to be. wiki's is not always correct.

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Guinness is Irish not Canadian. Read their website to get confirmation.


"Arthur, son of Richard and Elizabeth Guinness is born in Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland."

The Lions Gate Bridge has ties with the Guinness family but they didn't build it, they invested in the land on the north shore of Burrard Inlet after being convinced to do so by Alfred James Towle Taylor. They owned the bridge but didn't build it and didn't even plan it. They sold it in 1955 to British Columbia.

All of that was in the 1900s. The founder of Guinness (Arthur) was born in 1725!

@bborastero, some Irish find the word Guinness as a swear word now that it's not brewed in Ireland (however it remains Irish)