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When Will Feb 1 Sale Start For Ezb Stuff

i heard there was a sale with about 50% starting friday feb 1 ,at what time will it start


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It's done ! The new prices are available on the Store page of the website....

Thanks DJ !
United Kingdom
My first EZB order placed! Roll on March!:D

- Bill.
Any you guys think that maybe the price dropped because DJ may have a new board coming out, an EZB Pro or the like? I will hold off ordering until I hear from DJ on what he has planned.
I gad i was able to get from from robotshop.,it has free shpping on my order over $600
saved me $46 on shipping from EZ-ROBOT in canada ,plus another about $30 when you buy 5 or more

HOpping the 10 i bought plus 9 i have now ,will take care of me for a little while
well back to ROBOT HACKING


ALSO great BILL you first robot hack with EZB,hope you share the codes and design
Wow robotmaker thats a crazy big order
i have alot of robots that need EZB and 6 cages and tanks,and still need another 30
Josh have you heard that radio shack is getting ready to go out a of business,that closing alot of stores,and best buy and others too
No I have not heard anything about radio shack going out of business. If they didn't price things like they are a gas station with 100 to 150 point markup they would have a lot more business. They forgot what made them big. At one point they were the gobto place for small electronics. They had the coolest robot toys , radios , and even stuff to mod your computer. Now they are trying to compete in a tiny store front selling the same items that you can buy at a toy store or online but for a serious premium. Just one generic ultrasonic sensor is 30 dollars , so is a IR sensor. Get a 7 amp 12 volt power supply for 80 to 90 before tax. You just cant keep people coming back for more when their wallet got burned last time.


Forecast store closings: 450 to 550

Earlier this month, RadioShack's long-term prospects as a viable company took another hit when its partnership with Target ended after neither side could come up with a mutually beneficial deal. The company had operated mobile kiosks at 1,500 Target locations across the country. Shares of the consumer electronics company are down by roughly 68% over the past year. The company recorded an operating loss of nearly $60 million in the third quarter of 2012. Same-store sales in the quarter dropped by 1.6% year-over-year. Revenue in the quarter fell by 3.8% year-over-year. Between 2010 and 2011, the company closed 2.2% of its existing locations - more than 120 locations in all.
Wow, I hadn't heard about Radio Shack being in that much trouble, although it has seemed obvious for a while. My local shack is in a strip mall that almost every other store has left and that will be torn down when the remaining lease holders move out, and Radio Shack doesn't seem to be making any moves to look for a new location and has different new employees every time I go in.

That is going to hurt on the East coast where we don't have Fryes. Sometimes you just need a component today, and Radio Shack is the only game in town for things like project boxes, LED's, Resisters, etc....

@fxrtst DJ has hinted at an upcoming release of "Robot Revolution" without providing much detail, and his posts do seem to indicate this is a permanent price change, not a sale.

i used to go to radio shack alot a long time ago,but now there is DIGIKEY,MOUSER,NEWARK AND ALLIED that you can get parts so very cheap with postage,RADIO SHACK is much much high on electronic parts,toys and the rest can easy get it at amazon or walmart

Only may be good,is might be able to get the parts a little sooner,but with digikey i always get my parts in 3-4 days ,no tax or gas money.postage is about $4
I applied for a job at radio shack for fun , I recieved an email back I was not qualified for the sales position. :/ oh really? Thats why they are going out of business lol
its a shame losing another ICON store to walmart mostly,just like best buy and many others
It is a long term price change:)

We have had a very successful year; both financially and personally. I've achieved many goals... Heck, because all of you I've passed my goals! I didn't expect to ship so many kits and ez-b's in 2012. We were having a 2013 planning meeting one day... And during the meeting I kept seeing the revenue numbers from 2012 and could barely believe how awesome they were. Suddenly it occurred to me! We need to drop our prices. We need to give back to the community. We need to help even more people build their dream robots!

So, rather than buying Lamborghini's... We are buying the world more EZ-Robots

As for the delay in shipping - it is due to a few large orders that has used up our inventory:) our delay is due to the microchips. They are custom manufactured for us pre-programmed. And our inventory buffer hasn't been able to keep up with demand. We are scaling inventory again. It seems we have to scale every 3 months. Pretty neat!:)

Tell you all something funny. Even though so much has happened over the year, nothing has changed in the forefront. We still make awesome features. We still listen to the community. We still are us! And that's awesome. The interesting challenge I face is maintaining that service as more responsibilities are loaded on us. But, it's what makes us unique:)

The other day I needed an EZ-B for a project. I also needed some servos. So you know what I did? Logged onto ez-robot.com and ordered them. Wierd hey? I now have to order my own parts from my own company... Got a chuckle out of that!
United Kingdom
I for one am glad you are still the same and still make awesome features, listen to the community etc. That is what makes EZ-Robots stand out from almost everyone else.
are we able to muy the chips and use your as a master and make our own ,using a chip duplicator or is it code protected

THAT is wierd DJ you have to ordered boards,dont you work for them and design the software you should get it for free if its a company software design

In my company i can get almost anything for free,plus have worlds may be biggest stock of parts for me to keep.
only parts i buy are some sensors and boards for my robots.unless it a sensor needed for a test.

board is getting very good so far,hope to see many more features ,like your chat program you said you are working on.
I just received my EZ-B that I ordered from Robotshop, so it looks like they were accurate with their "in stock" indicator when I ordered, even after Robotmaker ordered his 10:)

Nice not to need to wait on US customs to clear it too.

I believe the price drop will be a vehicle to get ez-robot products to more creative minds , plus those who already tried ez robot and like it have about 45 more reasons to get another one! (The price difference). Reading other opinions about those who had not yet tried ez robot over less user friendly products , these customers addressed their concerns that they need to make every dollar stretch as far as they can and the previous price felt just out of reach. Well im happy to spread the news!;) -Josh S
i should get mine monday by UPS it was friday ,but changed to monday ,cant wait
I got one hell of alot of robotics parts comming in ,the waiting time is killing me :(