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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

When Using Dynamixels, ARC Has A Tendency To Move Servos In The Wrong Ord

whenever I try to move my (upcoming) humanoid, sometimes ARC will move completely different servos or not finish the movement before continuing on. I don't know if this is because of the dynamixel speed bug or something else, but it happens more often when the EZ-B has to move a larger amount of servos (about 6 or so seems to really screw up stuff) whatever is happening seems to happen even worse when running off of a slower computer (like my surface).

just to let you know, my humanoid IS running off of a 12v battery pack and has newly replaced servos. I don't this is a problem on the robot's end.


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It's been a problem with the dynamixel itself - not ARC. Something I have been wrestling with for a while. It has to do with their communication protocol attempting to write a response while other commands are being written to other servo addresses - I beleive. I have included a "disable response messages" in a few ARC.releases ago, but that hasn't seem to have an effect.

This upcoming week I will be releasing a newer version with another change that hopefully overcomes this issue
thanks DJ, i didn't know that it was a known issue:D
Also DJ- my dynamixels are having trouble pushing up the robot, but I know for a fact that these servos are more than powerful enough to complete a pushup for half of a robot. Does this have to do with that communication problem or could it be i have another faulty servo?
It would not be from the bug. Its less of a bug and more of a design flaw overlooked in the servos. Do not consider it a bug:) it's how their communication protocol works. I'll over come it soon:D