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What'S The Ballpark Time Frame For Delivery'S Of The Kickstarter Robots?


Just inquiring if I ordered my Roli Robot in early January 2014 what's the ballpark time frame for delivery? The kit's go out according to first orders onward so I'm about six months or so behind the first orders.

Will I get mine this year?


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Hey Nemo. I too am waiting for a Roli. Unfortunately this is the last robot to be produced in the line of robots that stared being sold last year. I would use the Contact Us link to ask the question. This will get you in touch with EZ-Robot employees who would be better equipped to answer your question.

Thanks David


Rolis are shipping already, if not shipping soon, so you should be getting roli soon. Ez-robot seems to be doing a good job with clearing the back log so far so I would expect soon. This year? I'm not sure.


With the plain dev kits (no extra pieces), Six's, and JD's, from the time EZ-Robot said they started shipping and the time people stopped asking when theirs would arrive (or at least when they would get shipping info, since some countries took some time to clear customs) was about 2 weeks.

We were just told that Roli's started shipping this week, so I would expect all orders to be done within two weeks except possibly orders with extra parts. If you ordered extra batteries, that would delay the order, but you should have heard from EZ-Robot with choices.




I asked on the Contact Us link so I'll wait for the answer.

I'm really looking forward to getting one of these robots it looks like it could be a big impact in robotics especially for a Kickstarter.

I bought the Oculus Rift V.R. DK 1 on Kickstarter and that got really big.

Virtual Reality proper is coming out now because of that Kickstarter.

Looks like this could be the brink of hardcore robotics at the consumer level, finally coming out after all these years. I think from what I've seen thus far without having one in my hands yet, that this is the best user friendly Robotics project I have ever seen.

Thanks Nemo.


Thanks for resolving this question guy's