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What's He Doing Now?

What's he doing in the middle of the night!

User-inserted image

I also see some Roli's too!



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Oh you know, I'm just doing a little bit of dis and dat. Just keeping the Robots company, somebody has too:)
Jeremie has been working on the new ezbit add on accessories. We have a whole whack of them to launch in a few months:)

Now that we have the manufacturing ball rolling, should be easy. We are aiming for the first quarter or 2015
any chance for pic?ppllzz:D

User-inserted image
of @Jeremie? or what he is working on, lol

haha no off the new desig parts
Maybe tonight, you can watch, what he does.

There's no physical part yet. There's a process to design electronics. You first start with prototype bread boards. Then lots of programming in the chips and playing with the circuit to get it reliable. Then he puts it into circuirt design software (altium). Then there are doZens of prototype boards printed through little enhancements on each.

Then there's 3d cad design for the plastic surrounding. Those get 3d printed numerous times until it matches the electronics and works.

Then there is the design for manufacturing stage. That takes the part and modifies it for mass manufacturing enhancements.

Then eventually you will see a part;)

We should do a "how it's made" video lol
DJ if you did a how its made video it would be over a week long and that's after editing lol

I know how its made so I know there would be a BIG video about it lol
So, what, like, next week your gonna have a video and the new parts for sale the week after, right DJ? :-)
My guess at what he is working on would be the new EZBv10 or maybe even the v15:D