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What Kind Of Motor Is This?

I just got this motor from the junkyard and was wondering how it worked.
I thought it was a 3 phase motor with a 24V input and the 3 pins are for the movement signals but as soon as i plug the 24V transformer, it starts to run.

This is a video i made:

I don't have any plans to use this in my robot since it weights more that 5 kilos but who knows if i'll use it for any other projects. (maybe an ARC controlled bike).

So have anyone any idea about how to plug it and use it from the ez builder?

The inputs are:
3 pin small wires.
2 pin big wires.

Infos written on the motor:
Merida mpm 24V 230W 4300 RPM motor


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Looks like an electric car window motor maybe.

If there is no model number, you'll have to find a similar motor and guess at the wires. Could be a car window motor. Not sure what all those wires do. *shrug*
Found it. It's a Merida electric bike motor.

Don't know how that motor arrived in an italian junkyard but the initial plan of using it for an electric bike wasn't so strange.
LOL That's pretty awesome