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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

What Plug For V4?

What kind of plug is the battery port on the new ez-b?


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I believe it's a deans (or is it deanes?) connector going off of another post the other day. I've not studied the board yet to know for sure though.
Hey guys it's a Micro Deans, it's a nice and small high current connector!
Okay it is a Dean's Connector. Does the board have the Male Dean's Connector or the Female Dean's Connector. We need to know which to buy to mate up with it.
So Micro Deans is the same on both sides, no need to worry about male versus female, they are nice that way too:)

User-inserted image

Sorry I should have attached a picture right off the bat.
So you are using the Polarized Dean's Micro connector (WSD1222).

Dean's Micro connectors come in non polarized as well.

Obviously someone likes red.

I believe I have seen them in black as well.

The picture was a big help. Thanks.

im a little dense....based on the picture below, Can I can connect my battery via the top or bottom of the ezb4?

User-inserted image
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User-inserted image

I'm leaving this post open for a little longer just so new joiners get to see it.
so...the bottom "prongs" are of no use? can i remove them? Im assuming the v4 wont lay flat with those "prongs"
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I'd assume they wouldn't be long enough to be useful, although until we get hold of the V4s it's difficult to guess... I'm sure the connector could be removed or changed quite easily if you needed it to be though.
@technopro , awesome I'm glad you got a answer from a pro ie Skater! Could you please close out the thread and name someone who answered it best:) thanks in advance ! - Josh
Sure josh. Well, skater answered it with the most detail so I'll give it to him.