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What Mp3 Trigger To Use?

Hi All, I've finally sorted out the problem I was having with the voltage regulator on my EZB and now I really want to add some sounds to my little robot.

What is the best MP3 trigger to use? I don't want to have to pay a fortune for one (if I can help it!). I have had a look on eBay but the only thing I can find are ones for Arduino.

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I have to validate what nomad18.08 has pointed to. It's totally supported by ARC and works great. I use it in my robot and am very happy with it. Sometimes you need to spend a little more to get quality and ease of use.

The issue with other boards like what you point to is not that they can interface with ARC but how are you going to figure out how it will interface. There is a good possibility you can get this to work but you may need to write scripts and figure how to hook it up to make it function the way you want. If it comes with good documentation and customer support you have a good chance of getting it to perform the way you want.


Good advice @dschulpius. I'd rather pay a little extra and have the work done for me than mess around with doing it myself.



i got mine this did you glu the end off the cable on the backside off the mp3 trigger?


@nomad18.08 , If your asking if I glued cables to the back of the MP3 Trigger I'll say no. I have a lot of room in my B9 so I mounted the Trigger on a shelf and anchored the wires down along the run to EZB with cable holders. You could use a dab of hot glue to either hold the connector onto the plug (not really needed though) or right to the back of the unit. I really don't like anchoring wires like that though. Too much of a chance of creating a short through the thin insulation.

You can kinda see how I have the Trigger mounted below. It's on the second shelf up. You may be able to click on the picture to get a bigger view:

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