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What Is Difference Between Nud&Amp; Trackpad

I am making a c# program of my Revolution Six. After seeing this line from another projectasa reference(I know it is something to do with the digital ports on the EZBv4), private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {

  ezB_Connect1.Port = "";
  nud_D0.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D0.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D0.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  nud_D1.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D1.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D1.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  //trackBar_D2.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  //trackBar_D2.Minimum = 0;
  //trackBar_D2.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  trackBar_D3.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  trackBar_D3.Minimum = 0;
  trackBar_D3.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  nud_D4.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D4.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D4.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  //nud_D5.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  //nud_D5.Minimum = 0;
  //nud_D5.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  nud_D6.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D6.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D6.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  nud_D7.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D7.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D7.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  //nud_D8.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  //nud_D8.Minimum = 0;
  //nud_D8.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  nud_D9.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D9.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D9.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  trackBar_D12.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  trackBar_D12.Minimum = 0;
  trackBar_D12.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  trackBar_D13.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  trackBar_D13.Minimum = 0;
  trackBar_D13.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  nud_D14.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D14.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D14.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  trackBar_D16.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  trackBar_D16.Minimum = 0;
  trackBar_D16.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  trackBar_D17.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  trackBar_D17.Minimum = 0;
  trackBar_D17.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

  nud_D18.Value = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MIN;
  nud_D18.Minimum = 0;
  nud_D18.Maximum = EZ_B.Servo.SERVO_MAX;

What does it mean and what is the difference between nud & trackbar?


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RichardR is a Nud an Rich is a Trackbar. :P

Just kidding guys. I know that wasn't helpful to the poster but I couldn't help myself.

Not sure why someone would even want to write all that code when you have EZ Script and other controls in ARC. Must be a control issue.

Good luck finding your answer. I do hope you do. There are a few people that know that language here but most of us are coding mouth breathers. I'm one and have nothing for you. Sorry again.

I'm very interested though why your wanting to control Six with C#. Can you get better movement or control with that method over using the AutoPosition and EZ Script in ARC? Also, how are you going to interface this script with SIX? Again, I'm ignorant on this subject but I was under the impression that only SDK would work (maybe it's the same?). There used to be a separate software download for using that language (SDK) so you could use it with EZB. I cant seem to find that option anymore. Has that been assimilated into ARC?


@Dave, he is using the SDK. That is where that sample code is from.

I also don't know the answer. I assume they are objects in the sample, but I have found that so far ARC does most of what I need so if I wind up using the SDK at all it will just be to integrate something else with ARC rather than writing a replacement of any function ARC can already do.



I have already done in ARC long ago. I want to do the same program in C#. Its my Final Year Project.


Thanks thetechguru. I have alrd done the C# program.

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A trackbar is a trackbar. A NUD is a Numeric Up Down.

I'm not too good on C# (yet) but I believe a NUD allows you to type in the value or use the small up/down arrows to increase/decrease (much like the font size in Word). Where as the trackbar is purely a slider (like the volume control on the SoundBoard control in ARC)


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Isn't this in the basics of C# 101?..

P.S. Please use the "requires assistance" correctly. Alan (@TheTechGuru) stated he did not know the answer yet you marked it as resolved giving him credit. It was only by pure chance I checked this topic as I thought it had been accurately resolved.



P.S. Please use the "requires assistance" correctly. Alan (@TheTechGuru) stated he did not know the answer yet you marked it as resolved giving him credit. It was only by pure chance I checked this topic as I thought it had been accurately resolved.

Yeah, I was surprised to see the answer credit. I think part if the issue is that the forum will keep sending reminder emails to the OP until it is marked resolved and some just want the emails to stop. I have seen other threads resolved without an answer for that reason. Maybe one day Chrissi will add a function for transferring credit. If so, I'll transfer to you since I also learned from your answer.


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Personally the credit doesn't bother me (I have too much unused still) it's more the reason I mentioned previously. It's something I've noticed happening a lot recently too (it's always happened but more recently it's been incorrectly given a lot more than before).


I am not sure but I think you edited the post from the original cause I don't remember you posting the code. Could had gave you the answer a month ago when this was posted. But if you do have some questions regarding c# I am always open for context.

Rich is correct on this one [thumbsup]


Alan, in fact I did the c# program a month ago before I thanked u.


When programming, there is something called "variables". A variable is a placeholder for an object of information. In this case, the question is what is a NUD? Well, the answer is a NUD is a variable name. For example, it could have also been named APPLE or BANANA.

To understand what object type the variable NUD is, you would need to look at it's declaration. I would recommend seeking an online C# programming course or checking with your local community college for beginner classes with programming.

Ideally, online courses are your best choice because you can learn at your convenience.

It is way too much to type to teach you how to program in a message - so courses are your best bet. Now, for those variable types, they are visual objects. This means you will find those objects on the FORM. A form is a graphical view of the controls for the user.

You can always learn more about Visual Studio as well - for example, when you have highlighted a variable, pressing F12 will bring you to the declaration.