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What Is Best Way To Assign Wii Remote Buttons With Servos ?

The Wii remote is fun but I want to assign Bobs arm servos to buttons - and +. I tried servoup(d6,1) and servodown(d7,1) and his arms nearly flew off through the window. Any suggestions where I went wrong anyone ?


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Arms with those buttons would be tough. How would it know what position to go to with a single button press?

If you want the arm to go to a predetermined position you could us Servo(D6, 25) as a command (25 would have to be within the servo range)

You could use the ServoRandom command and have it got to a random position each time.

You would be better off using the accelerometer features to control the arms.

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Thats odd I use the servoup command and it will only move my robots arms a little bit with a setting as you have of 1?

Its not ideal for a smooth slow arm movement I just have some preset postions which the button moves it to for say holding a tray as suggested by lumpy

The accelerometer feature is great for moving servos but is very sensitive