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What Is A Good Universal Wire Connector - Solder &Amp; Screw

I don't know about everyone else but my biggest frustration in robotics is the simple task of joining wires with plugs or connectors. I recently almost fried the EZ-B board using bullet connectors which are not polarity safe (you can accidentally plug them in the wrong way with neg/pos). I know one has to be more careful but at times with certain connectors it can happen.

Does anyone have or know of wire connectors that can fit the following simple criteria for electronics.

1.Can handle different current and amps

2.Can handle different thickness of wire and connect well.

3.Are polarity proof (only go in one way)

4.Can be soldered and have wire protection without too much difficulty

5.Are cost effective

A super bonus would be if you could just plug in the soldered wire and screw them in.


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Turnigy xt60 connectors are what I have , they handle up to 60 amps , gold plated , solder on , polarized connection.


Thanks jstarne1, I'm on my way to check them out.


jSTARNE1, THE EX60'S look impressive, I'll check with my supplier Richie (Richies RC and robotics) here in Melbourne and see if we can get some in. As an interim measure to avoid polarity nightmares I've made all the positive wires on Bob connect with bullets and the negatives flat connectors. That should be fail safe until I check the Ex60's. Thanks for the tip.


I've heard that some robot builders like to use Anderson PowerPole wire connectors. The nice thing about these connectors is that they are designed so the polarity can not be reversed when plugging them in.

Follow this Anderson PowerPoles LINK to check them out.

Haven't used them myself, but I'm looking into it. Seems like a good idea. :D


I use the Anderson PowerPoles on my R2-D2.

They are good connections but you need to make sure to get the "locks" or they will vibrate/wiggle loose.

A little overkill I find for smaller electronics projects.