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Asked — Edited

What Happened To Speaker Tone / Sound_Note?

I have the latest, up-to-datest version of ARC as of today.
I am trying to follow the video tutorial on hooking up a speaker to the EZ-B.


There is no "speaker tone" control under "misc" in the "add control" section.

I tried the script control and it does not recognize the command "sound_note".
What gives? Am I making a noobie mistake or has the control for speaker tones been deleted since that video tutorial was made back in 2011?



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That speaker note had been last year. It was removed in replacement for independent servo speeds:)
hoho ,I just ordered a speaker to use this command .................*blush* :D
Thanks for the reply, DJ.
I really enjoy what you have put together and grateful for you doing so. Thanks!
Will you be adding notes to the video pages of features that have been deleted or replaced?
I am new to EZ-B and haven't been in on every update and evolution since the beginning.
I try to use the video tutorials as much as possible to figure things out for myself before I ask simple questions and waste the time of others. Are there any other features that are in the videos that have been deleted? Knowing that would save me a bunch of time trying to figure out why it isn't working like the videos show.
Thanks again.

@FredoO... Hey at least the speaker I was trying to make work was salvaged from some old equipment I have lying around. :D