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What Gift Do You Get For The Guy Who Has Everything

Christmas present ideas for Dj:) any ideas ? Find somthing cool post a link. Keep it under 100 dollars;)


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Now thats somthing money cant buy lol
How about a new Ezb control board. His old 1 is probably all worn out.
Outside of your price point, but he needs a V2 AR Parrot Drone. He would have a new toy, and we would benefit because he would be able to figure out why the AR Drone support in ARC doesn't work with v2.


How about some nerf cannons and airsoft guns to inspire him to build a Mech-Warrior bot?
@bret because the more robots that shoot stuff the better right?
Oh yeah! Guns iz gooood....Got my Nerf blaster in the mail last night and it is cool. But my dog ate all the darts! Haha! Good thing I can buy more.
*eek* Dude I never thought of using Nerf guns on my robot. I have to go and find mine, plus Mini Wheats has a $10 coupon (in canada anyway) for nerf products.

Goody goody that is such a cool idea.
User-inserted image

Ta da Sonic Screwdriver from DR WHO! The perfect accessory for DR who K9 robot.:)
Ya the swarm nerf gun runs on 6 volts which is perfect. Its full automatic and doesn't require a trigger pull. Only apply 6 volts and watch the darts fly!