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What Does Dj Do For Fun On Saturday Night?

Well, I'm having a boring Saturday evening so I thought I'd fire up the EZ-Office link wondering if DJ and crew were working late on a Saturday evening. I was not very surprised to see them hanging out by the computers typing away and chatting across the room to each other. What I was surprised to see was a lovely young lady sitting off to the side of DJ watching the crew "work". I couldn't help to speculate on who this mysterious lady was that had so much interest in her eyes for DJ alone. Hummm.......

The following is completely what I made up in my mind: Well, here's what I came up with; DJ had a date going on. He picked her up for an evening of fun and excitement (at least that's what she expected) and he decided to stop by the shop to show off the new crib. Well, like all us nerds (I'm sure you've seen it on the Big Bang Theory) he started poking around on the computer and playing, err I mean "Working" on something to show off to her. Then got caught up in his world while she patiently sits smiling and waiting for her evening to begin.

If this is the case I gotta say DJ is now my true hero. If he gets away with all that and that young lady keeps that look in her eye for him then my hat is off to him!

I'm sure I'm way off here but couldn't resist on having a little clean fun on a boring Saturday evening. Hope I don't offend DJ. He's my hero!

EDIT: After posting this I again checked in on the gang through the EZ-Office link. Lights are out and the crew is gone. Looks like they are all off for that exciting evening after all. ;)

Have a safe and fun night!


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It's maybe a little off topic, but that's ok with me. This is after all a (social) community. Anyway, I noticed you have a lot of imagination and that's most likely for DJ and crew also the case. This is truly a very important property of creative people that invent and create! Without it, we would still be in the stone age. Although you stated you had a boring Saturday evening.... I can't imagine boring evenings, so many robots and electronics and alas so little time... Thanks for the amusing jest....


It does look like he's had a rough night :D

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Now, that's funny as heck! I've had many mornings like that. Someone get him a blanket. :P

I have a feeling when he wakes up and reads this thread it will disappear and a new company policy will be put into place. ;)


Haha oh my! I was the only one that made it to out 10:00 am meeting...


Attending a meeting on sunday.. What is this, dedication?


@Dave.....great imagination and hilarious...and DJ is a great sport for taking the teasing:) and @Niek :) that person? DJ? on the couch needs a blanky :)


I think DJ works about 18 hours every day making improvements on the EZB THE office is like his home,that why he sleeps on the couch.

I did the same thing at work,i needed to get a project design out fast so they let me stay at the plant over night.