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What AI/Chat Capabilities Are Functional Offline?

Hello, I'm working on an android that will be used at Burning Man.  Since this event is in the middle of nowhere and there is virtually no cell signal available, I'm trying to design it with capabilities that do not require an internet connection.  I know most AI features will not be functional, but what IS available?

Will the pandorabot I'm working on be functional?  Are there plugins that will support speech recognition and synthesis without requiring an internet connection?

Thank you for any and all help!

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#1   — Edited
Android is limiting, even with connectivity. I’d recommend using a lattepanda on the robot for autonomous, ai and speech recognition and use android as the remote control. 

You dont miss out on much by being offline. You can use offline speech recognition. You can also use AI features for chatting, such as the AIMLBot. Most vision capabilities, such as tracking faces, objects, colors, glyphs, motion are offline. Click the products tab from this website and view the skill controls that you’re interested in and see which ones require connectivity. You can make your own skill controls as well with instructions in the getting started guide.  

You may experience trouble with any speech recognition system at burning man due to the environment noise. 

Visit the getting started guide on the top menu of this website and try it out. Lots of information available to you as well. Have fun:)
Thanks for the info! And I meant android in the design sense, i.e. human-form automated robot., not the operating system.:)
Oh! Well that makes sense:) silly google for confusing us all. 

Look into the latte panda. The one I’ve been using is $90. 32 gb storage and 2 gb ram. Works real well
Oh wow! I hadn't even heard of the latte panda before today.  DEFINITELY looking into that. Thanks!
#5   — Edited
It hasn't been super popular so we're hoping to fix that for DF Robot. I didn't realize how great it was going to be until I got my hands on one last week. Combining the onboard arduino with Windows 10 for ARC is a perfect match. It performed incredibly well! I do recommend the gravity shield for it though. It allows you to power it off 7-12 volts. Otherwise, you'll have to wire up a LM1084 voltage regulator yourself
So with the Latte Panda and Gravity Shield, I wouldn't even need to use a EZ-B v4 to control the robot, correct?  I would be running the EZ-B Emulator on the Latte to control everything?
#7   — Edited
Damn! I just watched the youtube videos promoting this neat little computer, Now I am really hooked on what it is capable of!