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Welcome To The EZ-B


Welcome to the forum for the EZ-B Bluetooth Hobbyist Robot Controller. This forum is for the present and future EZ-B community users to discuss projects and ask questions. We have tried to make this website informative and easy to understand. It is our goal to ensure you have positive experiences with the EZ-B, ARC and the EZ-SDK.


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My bluetooth on my laptop will have trouble establishing a connection sometimes. The only way to resolve it is to turn my WIFI off and then back on again. (Cycle the power to the WIFI which also powers the bluetooth)... Then it starts working.

I'm not sure what it does that, it just does.
Is there a warranty on the EZ-B and if so, what is the time period?
There are no moving parts for the ez-b. And it is an exposed hobbyist/expiremental circuit board puts us in a very difficult position to offer a customer warranty. No companies that are in our industry provide a warranty of a product that was used.

There is a memory location stored on the chip that keeps statistical information about the use of the EZ-B. Helps us know what the board was used for before it broke. Also tells us that it was indeed working if someone tries to say otherwise.

If you received it and it worked but stopped working, then we'd have to assume it was damaged by mis-use. We can discuss the damage to the board for repair, however. Usually repair is a damaged I/C and that is something we can send you to do yourself.

We've had a few boards come to us that were damaged by mis-use that we have repaired for a fee. Because it is electrical, there is an internet of knowledge available to understand shorts, polarity, and our documentation specifies max voltage ranges.

What issues are you experiencing?
My Bluetooth Module disconnects after a short period of time. I then have great difficulty getting it to connect again.
Sounds like your bluetooth on the laptop. Do you have a switch to turn the WIFI on and off on your laptop? If so, cycle that switch for a few seconds and then back on again.

I have that happen quite often. When it disconnects, you may have to cycle the power on the EZ-B also. Not often, but sometimes you may.

Bluetooth is kind of silly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. At least in windows anyway:)

If your module works once, it will always work. Electronics don't fail that way. Unless there is a loose solder connection. You can diagnose that easily by picking up the board and moving it around.

Also make sure your I/O isn't drawing TOO much current for the battery supply. The EZ-B has voltage regulators that will supply a lot of current, but only as much as the batteries have. So if you are using the 5 AA pack, then don't expect too much usage with many servos. My Wall-E only gets about 60 minutes with 5 AA's when it's full-on

Rechargable AA's are even worse for power. They supply less voltage, and usually the the same or less amps. Plus they generally wear out quickly after multiple recharges.

Don't confuse the bluetooth dropping with a faulty module:)
Thanks. I have been only using rechargeable batteries so I will make a change to the normal type. Hopefully I will be able to get back to building. The new ARC is brilliant by the way. One of my favourite additions is the Script Console. Also the ability to search the Forums and the Remember Me checkbox are also really useful additions to the website. Perhaps you could apply your programming skills in a really advanced occupation. I am sure they will need people like you.
Thanks Creativita:) That's really nice feedback. Words like that help fuel my passion for the project.

If you can provide me with a list of peripherals you have connected to your EZ-B when it fails, that might help diagnose the issue.
Hello there,

My name is Alon,

Im new here and in the great world of robotics.

I lookd at the EZ-B kit and it looks great.

Before i start i would like to know if the EZ-b would work on the 15 inch R2D2 from hasbro. its a voice command operated.
Can i use EZ-B to improve it and make him otonomus and use the voice command and sound that the R2 have??

Have some one try this mode?

About me :

Im atoy collector, i have never workd with programing and robotics, and i would be happy to start my way in the robotics fan world.

DJ i love the work you did on Wall-E

Hope to mod my R2 unit


@alondav77 Hello, you sure can! I have one sitting in the lab waiting to fit the EZ-B. You can put the EZ-B in anything you can dream up:) That's the best part!

I'm glad you like Wall-e, he's one of my favorites:)

You'll be able to make the R2D2 a lot cooler with the EZ-Robot Kit. He'll be able to do waaaaaay more stuff with it. And don't worry about programming.... To start, you won't need to do any programming.
Happy to know, thanks DJ

i'll be ordering your EZ-B soon and i'll be happy to get some tips how to do it

Have a great day

Have ordered the kit. Wondering if a "version" is being planned for iOS or other operating systems? It would be nice (for a change) if an operating system change would not create a hardware redesign.
Perhaps an 'interface" from the Bluetooth to the PC, then an interface to the iOS as a separate controller? Most interfaces I have seen lately are WiFi, which would be the easiest to interface to iOS.


You can use the HTTP Server to connect your iOS device through the PC to the EZ-B. There is over 100,000 lines of code for the EZ-Robot Platform - it would take a very long time to port over. There are also limitations with the user interface, screen real estate and processor speed with portable devices. You'll find the Forum Search feature will help you find most of these answers:) as it is discussed often
DJ I got a problem with my EZ-B. I already did firmware and used it and it worked. Then today I tried to the EZ-B but all it had was a blank and no ports so how do I fix this? Thanks Sonic40191
United Kingdom
@sonic40191, please make a new thread for your problem, it will draw more attention. When you make the new thread please make your problem clearer. What had no ports and was blank? Is the EZ-B paired with the PC? What version of ARC are you using? What are you trying to do?
The EZ-B connectivity issues

Yes the EZ-B is paired with the PC. But that one day I went into ARC The board connection thing for board one I made that arrow go down and all there was was a blank spot not COM ports no nothing. I really need help thanks sonic40191
United Kingdom
What OS are you using?
What version of ARC are you using?

If no COM ports were in the list you have an issue with Windows.
If the EZ-B is paired it will have 2 COM ports in Windows, if you don't have the COM ports check the settings of the EZ-Robot device in Devices and Printers, make sure the services are enabled.
Check your device manager to ensure there are no problems.
Make sure bluetooth is turned on.

It's very rare to have no COM ports on a PC.
Sounds like you need to pair the ezb to the computer. No com ports means the ezb is not paired. Or, your Bluetooth is disabled. Follow our tutorial to pair the ezb to your computer: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials

If your ezb is paired but still no com ports, delete the pair under Bluetooth devices and reboot your computer:)
Hello everyone, my name is Scott.

One of my Instructors is a robotics enthusiast, and I'm really wanting to learn as much as I can about basic robotics. I really want the Hex bot kit you are selling. But until I can afford it I want to just be a part of the discussions and community. Like Alon said, I'm more than happy to join the ranks of the RL Robotics Fandom.

And if I ever get good enough at it I could program the robo-teddybear to freak people out.
Welcome to the family! You're going to enjoy this community. Try using the forum search as some topics have been covered pretty well. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We are all learning from each other as we go and topics are constantly evolving.
Again, welcome!
Thank you for the warm welcome.

As I have almost no knowledge of robotics, aside from scifi, wheres the best place to start looking. Or is it best to just jump in and grab whatever's interesting?