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Michael, I was surprised when I realized you did not live that far away from Pontiac. Your project is a great mix of art and robotics. In the article, I particularly like the part where people were observing your project how it "caused mixed reactions, smiles, to fascination, to a little discomfort." You mentioned that the faces did not come out correctly in your video, showing more blue, then the flesh tones you actually see observing your project in person. I am curious what you used to display the different faces on your Nook Tablet? Nice article, and not a typical robotics project found on this forum. Thanks for sharing. Steve S


Amazing work Michael!

And congrats on the coverage!


Hey, thanks fellas. This is a direct link to the article. Apparently the website cycles different headlines, as they should.

iRobot article

Steve, you live in Pontiac? Illinois? We're neighbors! As to your question: I'm not sure what you are asking. The Nook simply displays video of a face (just mine at the moment). The "blue" is just the polyester cast glowing from the backlight of the Nook. It looks barely blue in person but for some reason my camera-phone increases the blue saturation, no matter the white setting.

I currently have an ex-student writing me an app (android and IOS) for recording your own face video. It simply creates a black background with an oval for your face when you pull up you camera's video function. Just place your face in the oval and record. I'll let you all know when the app is uploaded to the respective play stores.


Thanks Jeremie!:D


That's great! You should be very proud - we all know how hard you have been working on the project.


I'm just glad we got an EZ-Robot plug in there. We have a thriving "maker" community but I don' think they know about EZ.