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Wall E Program

Hey DJ, a little clarification please. When I saved the "Wall e Big" file as a document; then opened it I'm seeing what I presume is promgramming code. Is this correct? I then opened it in EZ builder and it would appear that all the programming is there and ready to "start". Could it actually be that easy?????????
Once the physical robot is constructed, per your assembly guides, and the program is saved in EZ builder, you are ready to rock and roll???????
Does the EZ B board, or EZ Builder, convert the simple programming we put in the "configure" console into programming code?
T hanks,


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If you double click on the ezb file and attempt to "open it", it will ask you what to open it with. You might have selected notepad, or wordpad, or word. That's something you don't have to do. You will never need to see the contents of a *.EZB file

Simply launch ARC, select File, Open, and select your file and load it. That will load the configuration for that project.

The only thing you'd need to adjust is the servo positions. What I would do is make sure your arms and head, etc are connected at the same servo positions. This will ensure you don't have to change much code.

The positions of servos are relative. I can't control how you position your servos. I also can't control where you attach your limbs to the servo and what position they are in. So, that's all up to your configuration.

Servo position 5 on my servo is the same as yours. The only difference is what rotation you attached your limb. Hope I'm making sense because it sounds kind of confusing.

I usually center the servo (move it to the center position), then attach my limb in what i guess would be it's center position. Then I enter that information in a Notepad Control for reference.
HI DJ, Thanks I just receive my EZ-board from you !!! a Question for you ; do you have a place when I have just to clic to find the already to use Big Wall-E program ? ( like a Wall-E file ready to use for using Wall-E like on your video )

Thanks for your help !

You can find the ARC project for the Wall-E on the Robot Page. Click Wall-E on the Robot Page from the top menu. The link will be near the bottom of the page I think.
It is indeed at the bottom of the page. As DJ instructed me.....................you double click on the file and save it. Then just open ARC, click on open.....select Big Wall e and up it pops!!!!! ARC is just awesome!!!!!!!!
I updated the wall-e file for the higher resolution servo positions. I haven't updated his dance routine yet.
Did the link get moved? I am looking for the Big Wall-E file, can't find it...
I had posted on the facebook group page and DJ told me where to find it... but I still didn't connect.
Following up here as that is the preferred way... seems like I saw the link before, of course now that I have an EZ-B I can't find it! Help is appreciated!
Hey milanmark

I think you can find that example actually in ARC now, under File-Examples?
I hate been at work and not able to check something before i post:P
Gunny, still can't find it! That's what DJ suggested also...
Under ARC it shows a screen print of the wall-e big file opened up but I don't see where to d/l the file!
I might be looking right at it but getting cross-eyed looking at that page!
Hey milanmark

Your talking about the ARC area on this webpage right?
I was referring to the actual ARC program you use. Im believe recently DJ added examples to it, so once you open it, Select the File Tab and under it there should be a Examples option and in there is one for wall-E.

Im still waking up, so hopefully im not getting all confised:P
Got it! I was looking under the webpage....
Looked in the software program and found it!
I had a version dated 11/7 on my desktop... not there,
I had just d/l to my laptop today and that version dated 11/22 has the examples!
Promptly updated my desktop!
Now back to playing with the board!
Thanks for the help!
Great to hear! Yeah i usually at random times just update the ARC just incase i missed one. DJ is always adding fancy new features:)