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Wall-E Wheel Question

Howdy fellow bot heads!

I have removed the wheels assembly from each side of my Wall-E frame but can not figure out how to get the wheels separated to attach my servos. Hope I'm making myself clear here. I'm talking about the rear drive wheel. I can't get the inside hub off the outside hub. I have tried to pull and pull but I'm afraid I'm going to break it.

Any great words of wisdom from fellow Wall-E builders?

Herr Ball


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I had the same issue.

There is a screw that is holding on the tire(s). On certain Wall-E models you had to pry off a rubber cap to access it.

On mine they were glued on hard plastic caps, so I ended up drilling a hole, center of the hub, using a 1/8" drill bit. Once you get those screws out it all falls apart.

Lol I scratched my head for a bit too when I first got my Wall-E.

I forget which tutorial here had the pics. I'll see if I can track it down.



Thanks for the heads-up about the screws:) I too had the glued on hard caps. I would have never known they were caps either! Looked like just part of the wheel assembly. Again thanks,