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Waiting For Store To Re-Open

Before the store was closed I ordered two ez robot kits and I have been working more on planning than working on the actual robot and today I started to build it. I have the right arm complete I still need to make a hand, and part of the face. Once I the store re-opens I want to order more servos to finish my humanoid

How I wish for it to look

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

I'll like to hear what you guys think!


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It's great you are getting started. For the camera you are better off with a pan/tilt bracket. It is much more sturdy and wont shake as much when you put a camera and other things on it. Here is one on

User-inserted image
Thank you that one will work perfect I will change it to this.
@bautista until you are confident in duplicating the mounts others make try to use premade stuff. Your life will be a lot easier. Later when you get into 3d printing or fabrication you can test the waters making your own but using the premade brackets will give you a great foundation for quality. :). Good luck , have fun! I will be watching for sure. - Josh
Thank you for the advise jstarne1:)
I was not sure it the brackets would be heavy that's why I tried it this way I will start trying them out
@bautista116 - Nice start. I can't wait to see more.

BTW you should be able to find servos somewhere if you get impatient. I'm currently not making many purchases because I'm waiting for Revolution;) I just have the ez-complete kit and 2 additional Tower Pro MG995 servos I got off of e-bay. I haven't been overly happy with any of the bots I've made so I keep reusing the parts. I hope to start another project with my current inventory soon.
I can't wait for revolution either, it is going to bring new things for us to mess around with. What kind of new project do you have in mind Antron007?
I was working on a generic transforming robot but I used styrofoam and few other design flaws so it got scrapped. Mostly because @Technopro made a cool post about some R2 D2s and it inspired me. I just bought a small garbage can that's pretty much R2 shaped so I'm going to use some of the cool info from those vids and make my own little R2ish bot. It'll 18 inches high. You know what I'm just going to start a post for it and then I'll post the link. :)
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here is an the torso of my humanoid robot
Thank you Troy for the information on mounting the camera it really helped me a lot