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Vr Glasses

Hey All, Any recommendations on VR Glasses? We'd like to try to control our Roli with the glasses (video and head movements) and the wii controller for the body. I'm not sure how you would even hook them up.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

With ARC Pro, your robot is not just a machine; it's your creative partner in the journey of technological exploration.


ARC has direct support for Vuzix headset(s). Not clear if there is a specific supported model or if they all use the same API.

DJ recently said that Oculus Rift support is coming soon.

Personally, I would like Google Cardboard support, but that is because I am cheap/broke.....



When you load ARC, there is a window that says this..

User-inserted image

So, every control has a ? question mark. If you press that, it will bring you to a page that helps you with that control.

You can see what VR/Augmented reality glasses that are supported by pressing the ADD CONTROL button

  1. Load ARC

  2. Load your favorite robot project

  3. Select PROJECT tab from top menu

  4. Press ADD CONTROL

  5. Browse to the tab for your desired category. In this case, you want to select Augmented Reality. Virtual reality is something different and would be virtual, so you wouldn't actually need a robot:)

  6. Select the augmented reality control (Currently it is limited to Vuzix. Oculus rift will be released in December)

  7. Press the ? question mark to view information about the Vuzix control

*Note: You can press the ? on any control to view help.

Now, every control will have a GEAR icon. If you press the GEAR icon, there is a menu to configure how the control will work. Again, you will see BLUE QUESTION MARKS throughout the software. Hover over the blue question mark and you will be given information about that option.

On a side note, occasionally we have people ask things that we have included in Tutorials and when loading ARC. Do you have advice on how this information could have been presented to you without having to ask?

I noticed you did follow the tutorials - specifically on how to Add Controls and how to obtain information about a control. Any advice on how we can present this information differently would be super awesome:) Thanks!