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The list looks very biased by the author - Why is VEX the only educational robot kit listed?
Where is EZ-Robots ? The list is very poor, there should be at least 50 robots and ten education kits including EZ-Robots. It's Just another case of pretense advertising (where you pretend to have industry peers and public vote best product) where in actual fact it's tied in with sponsors just wanting exposure on products and services. They're not getting my vote ! *eyeroll*
We need to spread the word!:)
EZ-Robots is out there. Had they done their research and not been set up by a bunch of sponsors, EZ-Robots would have been in there with a bunch of others that are out there improving and developing robotics for young and old. When I worked in the media business I used to see this form of false pretense publicity (advertising) all the time.
New Zealand
Already spreading the word.... my students love EZ-Robot! I take the kitset to school each day for them to play and then bring it home for my turn...

In fact here's one for the record books. I am at home tonight twiddling my fingers without my EZ-B for company because a student of mine decided to hide my EZ-B in a cupboard at school rather than put it back in my briefcase... I remember telling him that he needed to return it for my turn at the end of his lesson but he complained that he didn't want me to to pull his project apart. HE said he wanted to work on it first thing in the morning....

I Don't know weather to give him a detention or pat him on the back.... cause I would have done the same! LOL

I really do need to get some more!