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Volt Board

it i solder a wire straight on the spkr from the ezbv4,howmany volt wil,
that be?i have a black and red wire .


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@Nomad Do you mean you are soldering on some speaker wires from an external speaker directly to the EZ-Bv4 spkr port?

In this case the voltage doesn't really matter. The audio signal is a low voltage (3.3V or below) and all wires that I know of can handle that voltage.
just a wire straight in the ezbv4 spkr,red/black to a led.
so when he speaks it wil flash on the ritme of speech.
Hi @Nomad, I just tried it. It works, but it doesn't work very well. The audio signal is an AC signal and an LED normally works with DC signals. The brightness of the LED isn't bright enough to get a good effect. I would recommend using a digital port with the Talk servo control. If you are using a sound board then you can use the sound servo control. Both are located in the Audio section of Controls.
i wil test bolt.thanks