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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Voice Recognition


I'm using the voice recognition control and it is working quite well. I do a lot of presentations and show this feature often. Just before moving on to another control, I pause the VR (checkbox) but for reasons unknown the setting does not hold. I works initially. While I'm presenting, the robot responds to my voice and performs actions (sit, pushups, wave, etc.) When this happens, I see that the pause box is unchecked. Why does this happen?

Is there a setting that I missed that would prevent this?



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I'll walk you through this. Without manually unchecking the pause checkbox, how else do you think it can be unchecked?

Hint, look in the config menu screen of the speech recognition control.

Second hint, look at the speech recognition control debug output. It displays everything it does. Look and see what it says...
Sorry, I'm not clear on this. My best guess is that in the config window, there is Enable Speech and Disable Speech. I can say "robot disable speech" the checkmark is inserted in the pause box. Conversely, when I say "robot enable speech" is does so. The issue is that when disabled, it doesn't hold and I get false positives.
There you go:D

Now - the documentation of all speech recognition modules in existence will read that you should be using a real microphone near your mouth. So i suspect you're not, and if you are using a real microphone, the software isn't trained.

If the speech recognition is receiving false positives because you wish to work outside of the specified requirements (which we all are guilty of), i would recommend removing the phrases from the ENABLE and DISABLE. You can remove words by using the backspace or delete button by deleting each letter at a time. The same approach as word processing or typing in this forum. Simply click on the textbox and remove the phrase for each of the two commands.

Once you have removed the ENABLE and DISABLE phrases, the feature will no longer work and you will no longer receive false positives for the microphone setup that you're using.
You could just scream at your robot to "Shut UP!" like I do. LOL How cool is it though that our problem is now our robots listen so well they falsely re-trigger speech? I think it's pretty stinking cool compared to hard things like, "how can I get my robot to understand speech".