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Voice Rec &Amp; Control Command - Can Do Discovery

Most of us use this forum to ask for help on something that's a negative. I thought I would give something back thats a positive with the ARC.

For those of you actually up to the stage of giving your robot verbal commands I was curios to see if a voice command like "Danger" could activate both a sound script and an action script (robot moves via servo/motors etc) at the same time. The answer is YES.

You can have one voice word command set into motion your robots full potential, chatting, singing, playing music and making all kinds of motions at the same time. For instance if I tell Bob " Play the Eagles" he does it and does a dance routine unique to that song. This is a cool feature. To some it may be a "der" but it was a great discovery for me.

Happy Botting....

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It's a matter of simply building all the building blocks together.

If you simply take each of DJ's video tutorials and learn what each function does it's much easier to progress.

Learn from others examples, merge into your scripts, and tinker.

As you advance you will be able to optimize/consolidate yours scripts better.

The key is to tinker and try, that's how you learn.


Cheers Lumpy,

I'm doing the hard yards in Robot input at the moment. There are 50 plus movements from head to claw on Bob - each movement has a numeric reference which has a sound file identification to indicate it is suited to it.

For example. 1.2 Head turns left , right then centre.

Suitable Sound files 1.2 Voice : Did you see that 1.2 Air Raid Siren 1.2 Voice: Did you hear that Bob ?

Some of these responses could be set to random.It's a sneaky way to give the appearance or illusion of AI - that Bob understands people asking him questions or talking to him and gives different responses. This is a massive task. Using the script Manager and Sound Board I'm building a Library of sounds that are a suitable match to each action. Now not only actions, think how many combinations there are of over 50 different actions. It can run into thousands. Then you have different combinations of those actions to match certain sounds, voices and sentences. I could spend the next two years solid pumping this stuff into Bob - All this tinkering is fun but GD time consuming and exhausting.

;) :)