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Voice Controlled Roomba

Hi, me and partners are doing voice controlled roomba to clean a floor. The user has very few vocabularies and (may be 15 max and his meaning are not same as ours). So, using those voice commands, we want to control roomba using bluetooth connection.

I saw a video of DJ showing voice controlled roomba, but how is he talking to the roomba? microphone?
Can a LCD be added to the roomba and if so how?

Is there any written code (programming) to controol roomba that we can refer?

Is it possible for a user who will have just someone to turn the computer on other thing the user has to do on his own?

Any idea please?


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he is talking out loud.
the microphone on his laptop hears his voice.
using the free ARC software, it hears and understands his voice, then turns that into commands that he programmed into the software.
his laptop sends the signals to the ARC board on the robot.
it does this using bluetooth.
if your computer does not have bluetooth, you can buy a "bluetooth dongle" from ebay.
this is about an inch long, and fits into your usb port.
this allows you to communicate wirelessly to your ARC board using bluetooth.
if you dont want to buy from ebay, i sell them.
i am in USA and accept paypal.
most sellers on ebay are in china.
it will take 1-6 weeks to get items from china.
you usually pay slightly higher prices if you buy from USA sellers for the convenience of getting the item sooner.

can you please edit your post and re-write the last long sentence, because i do not understand what your question is.

What are you planning to make the Roomba do? DJ is also selling the bluetooth dongles as part of the Robotics Kit. Select "Build Your Own Kit" at the top of the Buy page and then add $4.00 dongle to your cart