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Voice Choice On 64 Bit System

I cannot change Voices on my 64 bit system, ARC Version 2013.01.16.00.

My 32 bit system works fine with this version and previous versions of ARC worked fine on my 64 bit system.

I can select an alternate voice but it does not change it. Other Text to Speech Software works fine, as does Microsoft Narrator. Changing the Narrator default does not change EZ-Builder.

Please adise. Thanks. Steve

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New Zealand

Steve I found that I needed to change the voice settings to Teen and Emphasis to Mate then it changed...

United Kingdom

I have the same issue with Windows 8 32 bit. Thanks for the fix @tameion I'll try it later.


Thanks for the quick replies. Sorry to say it did not completly solve the problem. After much fiddling I can now select Microsoft Anna and one of my Cepstral Voices but not the one I want.


I have Cepstral Voices too Steve1 which one are you having an issue with?:)

New Zealand

I have Lawrence from Cepstral.... took a bit to get working initially. Sounds like a British butler - lol.

United Kingdom

I use Ceraproc voice William on Jarvis (my robot without a body - basically my pc that runs my house, like an English butler), Ceraproc voices are really good but not exactly robot-like and are pretty pricey but worth it in my opinion. Can't get it working on Windows 8 yet but haven't tried the fix yet either as didn't have time tonight.

They even have voice creation services if you have money to throw away...


Thanks for the replies. My Microsoft Anna and Cepstral Lawrence (UK English) voices work fine with EZ-B on both my 32 bit and 64 bit machines. The Cepstral Matthias (German accent) only works on the 32 bit.

All three voices work fine on all other text-to-speech programs on both machines.

I've started using Soundboard as a workaround. It's a little more work but it does promise some flexibility, like singing with music or special voice effects.