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Virtual Camera'S

I was thinking that one thing that might be useful is if ARC could export the video feed from the EZB camera to multiple virtual cameras. That way if you had multiple applications that you need the camera feed in at the same time it would be easy to do.



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You can access a snapshot of the camera by enabling the http server then going to http://IP_Address:80/CameraImage.jpg?c=Camera

It wouldn't take much to change that to a jpeg stream, some apps can even use that stream just by using the url (ARC for one, however redundant in this instance).



Thanks for your response.

My initial post was really a feature request and to make using video from the ARC in other applications easier for others.

My understanding of that URL is all it gets is a single static snapshot unless the HTTP GET is refreshed again and again.

I went and tested that URL using a few applications that either receives an HTTP stream, or can do HTTP Get requests to that URL and display an image or video.

None of them worked except my browser. One complained that the result was not a JPG file.

I also tried with &Password=admin at the end just to make sure authentication can occur.

I will test some more.