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Vex Tank Tracks For Sale

This is brand new set of the Vex Robotics Tank Tracks. These sell for $30.00 I am asking only $20 plus 5.00 shipping.
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if interested, email bret.tallent@gmail.com



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If the deal falls through with Rex, I'll take them (wish I could afford all of the stuff you are/were selling.... Would love another set of wheelchair motors, but can't do it at this time)

alan@thetechguru.net if still available.

The Vex tank tracks are sold, but I do have a 116th scale Henshong tank chassis for sale. It includes the motors, motor controller, and sonar unit on a servo. Ready to be the drive section of anyone's robot. $60 includes shipping.
What are the dimensions of the tank chassis? I am trying to save money, but it is calling my name:)

Also... What do you think the weight carrying capacity is?