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Resolved Resolved by ptp!

Vex Optical Shaft Encoder With A Kangaroo Board

Tonight I installed the vex shaft optical encoders on the inside shaft the wheels go on. I had to drill out the encoder wheel to fit the shaft and disassembled the encoder wheel and optics to mount on the metal gearbox, I also had to cut back the green plastic fins so it did not catch the encoder optics. I hope it works using the kangaroo board? The vex encoder has 2 red positive 2 grounds and 2 signal wires. I am thinking the 2 signal wires would go to A&b on the kangaroo but I m not exactly sure as the vex encoder document is not that great.

I think one of the 2 signal wires would attach to A&B on the Kangaroo board but I would like to know before I connect them

Has or does and one know?


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I don't have one, but from the existent documentation the encoder is a Quadrature encoder, and has 2 phases (3 wires) each if you want to use it as Single Phase too.
From the pictures both white cables are the Phase wires (A&B).
Thanks PTP I will give it a try