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Vacuum Robot Build Shark V63 Maybe With Tomy 2000

Hello everyone. First off i will say im technically inclined background, building pcs, custom cars, and i mod everything, make custom fiberglassn bla bla bla. Im wanting to make a effective and attractive robot that can navigate by itself and vacuum up. I already ran accross a shark v63 stick vac thats already setup for 10 volts. Ill probably run it a bit higher , maybe 12 or so. I got it new for 44 bucks which felt like a great deal considering the other options from eureka , hoover and dyson. And ideas or thoughts are appreciated. I was thinking about putting this vac into the back of a omnibot 2000 , or just making a custom frame. When the vac isnt on i would like the bot to roam about with little noise as possible. I ofcourse want to use the ez board you have if thats practical. I even have a nvidia ion mini atx board i could install onboard that runs on 12v. Ill post drawings and pics of vac. Thanks.


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Custom Fiberglass? That is awesome! I tried it once - I had resin stuck to everything. In fact, I think there is still some on my front sidewalk:P

If you do make a robot like this, it will most surely be an ideal personal robot. Being able to vacuum and clean up, that's awesome. Any idea of what it would look like?

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Yea fiberglass can be messy when your learning but after a while you manage to avoid making a permenant mess somewhere. This is sorta one idea i saw someone do. Just scetching around i drew up a super simple bot with vacuum ontop lol. Yea all i had was crayons at my desk.
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anyone have comments on tracks vs wheels? I basically was thinking either treads for grip or basically roller blade wheels to keep things quiet when not actually vacuuming. I have hardwood downstairs , carpet upstairs so it need to do either or.