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VB Code

does anyone have any VB codefor the EZ they would like to share?



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I'll throw something together for you as an example:)

I'll need a day or two, i'm swamped with a bunch of other tasks:(
if you could tell me how to set up the BT connection using VB that would be a great palce for me to start. I can not do it using the C# samples so am fiquring the VB is different.

Hey JMS!

Sorry for the delay. The SDK now includes a VB sample. I will start making more VB samples for the next release.

SDK Can Be Found Here

The latest update will contain many enhancements and new features. I've been busy fixing bugs and making sure it's ready to go for your robots:)

Let me know if you have any more questions regarding using the SDK with VB.
And here is a video i made for you to appologize for the time delay to respond:)

The code worked fine. I used the video to get the code as I am running VB Express 2010 and it kept on wanting to convert your 2008 files. After converting the "new" files were empty.

Setting up the componets on the toolbar was the biggest help.

Look forward to seeing more stuff and I will put my stuff out there when they are ready.

Hi DJ,

I just noticed that my previous thread was not exactely in the right place.
So here is a 2nd try.
I need a hand with some VB code. I'd like to read a (micro)switch when
an impact occured, so the robot goes into reverse. So the idea is to use a variable like a integer or a boolean.
I tried a few things, but when I push the switch the BT connection with the EZ-B is lost. I need to restart the program. Do I connect the 5V over the switch to GND directly or is a resistor necessary ?
This impact sensor/switch is in combination with IR and ultrasonic. Any ideas ? Help is much appreciated.

(Click for actual size)

Best regards,

You are shoring out the EZ-B. There are three wires for Digtal I/O - GND, +5 and Signal. Your switch connects between +5 and Signal
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United Kingdom
I have answered your question twice for you in another topic.
hey dj i want to buy a complete kit ez robot ?
but i am from egypt so can i buy from this site
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hey rich i didn't see your topic so where can i find it is it in our profile or what?
United Kingdom
I'm going to refer you to the forum rules first. There aren't many rules to follow and it is appreciated and helps everyone if they are followed.

Again, visit the store and attempt purchase, if it is an area thats unavailable it will tell you. It will take 2 minutes to find out. I will not be answering this question again.