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Using Client Mode Without A Fixed Line Router

Hey everyone.

What are the options for running an EZ-B in Client Mode without using a fixed line home network router?


A robot running ARC on a Windows 8 tablet (Acer W3), and I take it in the road, but the location I would be visiting will not have a WiFi network available. So in this case, what exactly would I need to use Client Mode?



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Windows 7 had the ability to create a hotspot built in with easy GUI configuration. If you were not sharing a connection, it would still create an ad-hoc network. For some reason Microsoft removed the GUI in Windows 8 so it is a bit more difficult to set up, but there are a few 3rd party GUIs that are available. I use http://virtualrouter.codeplex.com/ for just this purpose.

The only issue with it is that you can't define what IP address the EZ-B will get, and it gets a different one every time, so you have to search for it.

To make my life easier, I bought a really inexpensive 5v travel router from TP-Link. Here is the US link for it, but I am sure there is a UK equivalent: http://www.tp-link.us/products/details/?categoryid=3143&model=TL-WR702N

edit: here is the UK link to the same device: http://uk.tp-link.com/products/details/?categoryid=241&model=TL-WR702N

I got it for just $20 US, and it was on sale at Amazon a week or two ago for $12. Range is not great, but if you are in site of the robot it will work. I plan on building it into my Robo-dog.


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Thank you for your response and for the links. The TP-link router looks like a good option but I see that it would need to connect to a devices Ethernet port which the tablet doesn't have, so would this be connected to something else like a laptop or PC?

It looks like I forgot to mention something in my "example" in the first post. I would want the ability to connect to the net to connect to things like Pandorabots and web browsers. I know I can get a mobile internet dongle from an ISP (or a mobile/cell phone using tethering) to do this that would plug in to the tablets USB, but unsure how to connect it all together for true mobile client mode.

Networking is a weak point for me so I'm gratefull for the help with this.


Maybe I am missing something, but why not just use WP mode?.... You said that the place you are visiting doesn't have Wifi so your Acer can't connect to the internet anyway.... So just have your Acer connect directly to your ezb "sans" router? Mobile data uses a different wireless protocol so that shouldn't interfere with your WP mode wifi connection to your Bot....

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What I'm trying to achieve is to use client mode when I'm out and about in a similar way to when I'm at home using my home network. As you know, using AP mode won't allow me to connect to the EZ-B and to the Internet at the same time (I.e Pandorabots). The location that doesn't have WiFi does have a cellular signal, so what I was thinking was to use the 3G/4G signal in the same way as a home network with a wired/fibre optic connection.

I hope that made a bit more sense.:)


I know AP means no internet... Here's what I was saying... Connect to your ezb4 in WP mode... Pandorabot requires internet so connect to the internet via a cellular data connection.... Wouldn't that work? I could be wrong....

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I'm not sure. I suppose it might. I guess that's what I'm asking. Like I mentioned, networking really is not a strong point for me. It got me thinking though, maybe something like this would do the trick.

User-inserted image


I know AP means no internet...

Dude, I hope you didn't think I was implying that you didn't know that. Far from it. I know you do, as I know that you know your stuff in regards to this (hey, you was the kind sole who helped me with my first ever EZ-B connection when I was stuck using my HP). If that's what you thought I meant then I apologise. No offence or implications intended. Just wanted to making it clear for anyone new readings his, and who may not be so sure about the different connections, and looking to do something similar.:)


Don't worry Steve, no offence was taken... I was also just curious about the options that were available in order to do what you wanted to do...


The tplink doesn't need to use the Ethernet port except for initial configuration, it is a wifi router, but it will not solve your Internet access issue. If you have a smartphone and your data plan allows it, any smartphone can create a mobile hotspot for 5 or more devices. Alternatives are to biy a hotspot device from your mobile carrier (often called MyFi or MiFi devivlces) or to the Internet through your phone via USB and use the software I linked to allow the EZ-B to connect to the tablet.

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No worries.


So it sounds like the mobile router I linked to in post#8 (which I believe is a MyFi device) will do the trick then. I just wanted to be sure before I paid out for something, or started a 12 month contract on a device that wouldn't do what I wanted to. I kind of like this approach as it can easily be installed in the robot and will maximise signal strength (depending on cellular coverage of course).

Thanks guys.:)


That device does not have a built in 3G/4G modem. It looks like you need a USB 3G/4G modem to connect to it. If you are doing that, might as well get one from your carrier with the WiFi router already built in rather than cobbling together parts from multiple vendors.


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See, I told you I didn't know what I was talking about, lol:P. Seriously though, good catch and I see what you mean now. I'm guessing this is more like what I should be using...

User-inserted image

I thought you could insert a SIM card in the other one, but looking over the specs again I see that this is not the case.

Thanks again.


Yup, that's the kind of device you need.


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Lovely. Thanks.:)