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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Using Vive Controllers For Arms?


ive successfully managed to get Virtual Reality running with my HTC Vive and the JD Camera, very nice:)

Is anyone aware how to use the Vive Controllers to control the arms, like in that video as JD controls the arms live and sets up new frames via button clicks?

That would be awesome!

Thx and greetz!!

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Hey, I might be wrong about this actually...I will have to look into the code I used! I might have used the servo & camera server!

I do not know why, but there was an issue about the pwm servos...me and @fxrtst had the same problem, dealing with live control and pwm servos! Live playback was really choppy!

And I think using the Serial Bus Servos made it go away...but since I seem to be the only one using this setup here on the forum, I did not really do much testing with the EZ-Builder/Arc software!

I would not mind revitalizing the project, if anyone is interested...
Its fun!!:)
If it was choppy, that's probably due to how fast the position was updated on PWM vs Serial. The PWM would be much faster response. The way to fix that would be to smooth the position using a few different methods.
Also how would I go about using the htc vive controllers.
@DJSures I totally agree, it is probably a matter of tweaking the timing, and how those values are being dealt with! Since I switched to those Serial Bus Servos anyways, I did not do enough testing on the subject!

@Autiboy I am very sorry, my answer might have been misleading...because sending the values to EZ-Builder is super simple, but building an application for the Oculus Quest is not easy at all!

So if you are looking for VR options, you should get one that will support the vr.akp so you will not need to build some .apk on your own, because this is not easy!

Maybe DJ can recommed some hardware which runs best in tandem with EZ-BUILDER!:)
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@Mickey666Maus I know I can show the camera output on the headset but I do not know how to use the controllers with it.  I curently have an htc vive so if it would be easier I could use that in stead.  I am just wondering if you could send the example of the unity application you wrote in this video