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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Using Vive Controllers For Arms?


ive successfully managed to get Virtual Reality running with my HTC Vive and the JD Camera, very nice:)

Is anyone aware how to use the Vive Controllers to control the arms, like in that video as JD controls the arms live and sets up new frames via button clicks?

That would be awesome!

Thx and greetz!!

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#40   — Edited
It is a standard download in the Oculus Go store and works amazing with my PC games,just finished some robot battles in Borderlands2 and Fallout 4 in my Steam/PC Library. You can still even sideload Virtual Desktop if you have the Quest,still works My favorite is of course the  Terminator Resistance PC game in the Oculus Go ,the T-800 really look about 7-8 feet tall in VR and practically give you a heart attack when they sneek up on you.
Also ever since the Tridef 3D went belly up ,new programs for the thousands of steam games have surfaced for 3D effect to all Oculus devices called "Reshade" free and works just as good as Tridef ever did, I tried out MadMax with the reshade and it looks awesome in 3d and vr wrapper in the Oculus. I like to keep the car view inside the car looking out the window,so realistic when driving and shooting your shot gun out the side windows.
Sorry, the correct way to put it would be...Virtual Desktop is still available, but to use the Occulus Quest on your PC, you will use the Oculus Link now! Which works with Oculus PC and Steam VR!

I still agree with @DJSures that Facebook sponging up the VR market is pretty spooky!!
#42   — Edited
Oh no doubt, facebook is a shady group that cant be trusted. I do think that the death of 3d Tv's really bummed me out and using vr goggles is the only way now to view 3d movies and games.I still have my giant 2013 LG cinematic 3d tv at the cottage and i have learned how to repair the circuit boards inside by knowing which ones to stockpile from ebay china.
Aaaaawww @roborad you are still my favorite Cyberpunk!! 

Greetings from Germany, its beer and Single Malt now!!:D
LOL! I had my beers yesterday,today is all just coffee !

Just found this on YouTube, and wanted to give this guy credit by showing his build...no clue who he is or how he did it, but I guess everyone with an Inmoov will be loving this!! Maybe it would be good idea to port this to the ARC software?:) No Vive controllers needed!!:D