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Using The Bv4113 Without A Movement Panel?

When I purchased my EZ-B kit last year, I also bought the BV4113 H-Bridge that EZ-Robot was selling at the time.

I now want to use it to control the wrist and grip motors in a robotic hand that I got in an equipment trade from Josh. I found a datasheet and sample code here http://doc.byvac.com/index.php5?title=Product_BV4113 that shows I should be able to control it using send serial script commands, but I have a couple of questions.

1) When DJ was selling the device, he made a firmware change for port D0 specifically to support this board. If I want to use it with Send Serial commands, do I also need to use port D0?

2) Has anyone else done this, and if so, can I borrow your scripts?

I guess a 3rd question. Is this even a good idea, or since they are simple motors and I only need them to run for a few seconds at a time to position the hand, should I just use Rich's Darlington Transistor circuit and save the BV4113 for another project where I need a movement panel?




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Similar question but now about the L298N based 2.5 amp controller that DJ is now selling? Does it operate by just turning the digital ports on and off? Since it supports PWM and needs 2 ports per motor, I am assuming it is not emulating servos, but would like to be sure (I just ordered one, so it will be a while before it gets here).

I am beginning to suspect I should have just bought the servo controlled robot hand sold here in the first place. Hooking up the one I have may be more trouble than it is worth (particularly because I think I need to replace the motors, because I can't get it to do anything today).

I answered my second question after finding the Two H-Bridge Example Project in EZ-B (answer is yes, the L298N can be controlled by just triggering the digital ports and PWM without a movement panel).

Still wondering about the serial protocol for the BV4113 though. @DJ, do you have the specs or any script samples available?


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I could have sworn I had replied to this and pointed you to my Dagu h-bridge example, maybe that was someone else.

I'm pretty sure that all H-Bridges (excluding serial) use ON/OFF and PWM to set whichever motor in whatever direction at whatever speed.

Here's the datasheet for the BV4113. Scripting it for movement using SendSerial() should be pretty straightforward I'd imagine. I haven't read the datasheet properly yet though.
Thanks Rich. I found the datasheet pretty deep, which is why I was hoping for some examples, but I will dig into it if I need to. In the mean time, I just got a shipping notice on my L298N, so I will probably use that for the hand and save the BV4113 for part of my big bot that will have a similar need.