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Using Talk Servo With Pandorabots Plugin

Just been played around with pandorabots plugin creating basic scripts for my Inmoov ( Data ), and noticed that I can't sync up the speech with Inmoov's mouth correctly, even when adjusting the 'talk servo' parameters settings.

The 'talk servo' parameters I've setup in other scripts work fine and are in sync with Inmoov mouth, without going through the pandorabots plugin.

It seems going through pandorabots, there is a delay in the mouth servo response, and it can't keep up with the speech, although I tried and number of different settings in the 'talk servo' and it makes very little difference?

Any idea?


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Dont have much too offer in the way of help but just to verify i do have the same thing happening and i did at least get it pretty close by playing with the setting which causes delay...i think its called delay lol not in front of computer right now to check that. Oh by the way i love your Inmoovs name! Inspired by Star trek Next Generation?