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Using Roli Rover In A Training Course

We would like to use the Roli Rover as part of a training course for a new military unit--teaching them how to test a reconnaissance capability. They will soon operate unmanned aircraft with a crew of two--a pilot and sensor operator. We want to use the Roli Rover as the platform (operated by the pilot) and attach an inexpensive, lightweight, but high resolution camera (like a GoPro, only smaller) to the Rover to be operated separately by the sensor operator. Can anyone give me some advice on how/where a camera can be mounted and perhaps what kind of camera would be appropriate? Thanks, John


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Roli could easily carry a GoPro mounted on the front or one of the side ez-clips. There is an STL of a GoPro mount to ez-clip adapter in this thread if you have access to a 3d printer or you could use some Sugru to stick a GoPro mount just about anywhere.



Why not use the camera that comes the Roli? It seems to be what you are looking for. You could then use all of the controls and features for the camera that are in ARC.