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Using Foscam F19831p Ip Camera In ARC Mobile (Android)

Hello DJ,

We conversed about enabling specifically the Foscam IP Cameras in the ARC Mobile App. You mentioned that there was an issue with Apple Phones that wouldn't allow ARC Mobile to work with IP Cams on the Apple Phones.

Would this be a restriction for Android Phones as well? If not would it be possible for you to modify the Android Phone App to run with Foscam IP Cameras with ARC Mobile?

If not would you be able to modify the app for me for a fee and when you get the time? If the price is right this would be fine with me.

If it isn't possible, could you come up with a basic application that runs on the Android Phone to display the Foscam Video Stream and a Movement Panel for the IRobot Create 2 for a fee. Doesn't have to have anything to do with ARC and it would just display streaming video and movement buttons for the Create Robot and maybe a few buttons that could be programmed to do other things. This could be a good learning tool for me and possibly others that are not up to heavy duty programming. Again would be willing to pay you some for your efforts. Just let me know how much.

Maybe others in the community might be interested also and maybe some have already done something similar.

Thanks for your thoughts on this ! Rick B.



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Can you have a PC running ARC that your Android can talk to, or are you absolutely needing this to be standalone on the Android.

If you can have a PC running, this should be pretty easily be done using the custom HTTP server. I am going on vacation for a week, but could look at this when I get home.

Hello Alan,

Preferably would like standalone app on android phone. Don't want to have pc running all the time. Not sure if it is you but it seems someone on the forum is able to actually modify ARC. I understand why DJ can't enable IP Cams for Apple IPhones but seems could be done for Android. Ideally would like also to have buttons to control pan/tilt of foscam camera along with IRobot Create movement panel. Thanks to you and ptp the commands to display the foscam video in ARC pc and to control pan/tilt are already working. Just need this to work for android mobile app or standalone android app away from ARC. Any help you and others can provide to make this happen are much appreciated. Again if need be I can pay you or anyone else on this great forum including DJ that can help me make this happen. I'm sure some others would be interested in this also. Thanks for your help and interest in helping to make this happen ! Rick:)
Only DJ can modify ARC mobile. Several developers can add plugins, but this would be core functionality of the mobile app, so this would need to be something DJ adds. He said before that he doesn't plan on adding cameras other than EZ-B camera to the mobile app, but he has been known to change his mind:)

He is working on making the Foscam mjpeg stream work in ARC, which should give better performance than the snapshot mode. Foscam apparently has some strange data in the stream header, but DJ should be able to strip it out. He is using my camera to remotely test.

Hello Alan,

Thanks for the reply. The buttons could be added in ARC mobile along with scripting to control the pan/tilt functions of camera and to turn IR on and off. Just need the video stream for Android App. If there are no restrictions for Android Mobile App like there are for Apple Mobile App seems DJ could change this fairly easily with his expertise. Maybe the modified version could even be called something other than ARC. Hope DJ responds to this thread. Again if it can't be done in ARC would be willing to pay DJ or someone else to create a separate stand alone app for Android to accomplish this. Not quite sure why Android app can't be modified and for DJ it would probably be a piece of cake. Your continued thoughts and ideas are much appreciated. Rick :)

Would also like to try your first idea of using the ARC custom HTTP Server to communicate with a laptop running to communicate with Android device. How would this work? That would be awesome if you could look into this when you get back from vacation. Have a great vacation ! Rick :)

How technical do you want the answer?

The Android device would connect using Chrome web browser to a custom web page running on the PC. Should be pretty easy to do. I have a similar interest for my own robot(s) , so this will absolutely be on my todo list.


This sounds like a good option. I will look forward to what you come up with. Has DJ had any progress with foscam MJPEG Stream support in ARC? I already have two computers running home control software going 24 hours a day so having another laptop running 24 hours a day isn't unreasonable. I am interested in this for a security/telepresence robot based around the I-Create2 and foscam IP camera. Also Alan are there any examples that actually show a real life project in the community so I can try and understand your direction and use of the custom HTTP Server better? :)
The sample in ARC that runs when you add the HTTP Custom Server object and start it, it is already very close. It already has Movement Panel and camera. And it has one custom script button.

It would just need to be re-organized a little so that it better fits an Android device screen, and more custom script buttons added for the Foscam controls.

If DJ hasn't fixed the Foscam mjpeg stream by the time I come home, I would also replace the camera object with an iFrame of the Foscam web server mjpeg stream directly instead of served through ARC.


Sounds like a plan. Thanks for all your help and have fun....Rick