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Using A Wifi Extender

Hi guys.

Just a quick question. I currently have my EZ-B v4 connected via client mode and wish to keep it this way. I have just ordered a WiFi extender and have never used one before. So I was wondering, do I need to do anything special with the EZ-B to connect it to my network with the extender? The extender is a Netgear N300 and will connect to my router via WPS mode.

Thanks. Steve.


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Nothing special with the EZ-B. Just set up the extender to connect to your wireless network with its default settings and the EZ-B will connect to the router or the extender automatically based on which has the stronger signal from its current location, and should seamlessly transition between them when in motion.


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Ok great. Thanks alan. It's just I read somewhere that the extender has its own WiFi network name (same as excisting one, but with "_EXT" at the end) and will need to connect devices to that.


Let me check the manual. My extender, an TP-Link TL-WA850RE can be set to either have its own name, or extend the same SSID it connects to. Default is to extend the same SSID.



I've seen extenders with the EXT at the end of the SSID name, and also ones that allow you to use the same SSID as your router.

So it's going to be up to the individual manufacturers equipment Steve. I'm not entirely sure how the EZ-B handles the switching from one device to the other when you're network strength starts to fall due to the distance of the robot to router or extender.



Hmm... Just found a manual online, it looks like that model does not support extending with the same SSID. Pretty poor design if you ask me.

Since you just ordered it, can you cancel your order? I would recommend one that doesn't require you to explicitly tell clients to connect to it, like the TP-Link TL-WA850RE.


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That's a bust. Just tried to cancel the order but it has already been shipped. Oh well. Thanks for your replies guys.

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Have a look for any info on custom firmware for the router. While it's mainly a router thing, there may be some extenders which can use DD-WRT firmware or, if you are lucky, some smart dude has written custom firmware for it.

Obviously changing firmware from the factory default or approved manufacturers firmware will invalidate the warranty though.

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Alan, are you sure it needs the EXT after it?

Page 11 of the manual shows you can name the SSID yourself.

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Thanks Rich. I won't be playing around with customising firmware in case I need to send it back to Virgin for repair or replacement. should the superhub starts doing bad things.



It doesn't need the ext, but I am pretty sure it needs to be unique from the WiFi network it is extebding.

The manual for my extender was very clear about whether it was sharing the same Ssid or creating a new one, this manual is less clear, but since it talks about connecting to the extended network explicitly, I am pretty sure they need to be unique.