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Using A Hs-785Hb Winch Servo Motor With Ezb Servo Control?

Has any one used the above with ARC's servo controls? The servo rotates a full 3.5 turns so I was wondering how it would work using position control (1 - 180)?

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Apologies for digging up an old 'thread' - my only excuse is I'm brand new to all of this.

Would you say your query was satisfied by the answer provided by 'Jeremie' in this thread: Continuous Rotation ?

From reading it, I assume so.

My interest is integrating a (servocity) rack/pinion slider into a project that has this particular servo. I would like to control movement but also stop it at any point within its limits. The 'where' is the consideration given it has no feedback.

Lastly, and another assumption (question), with the appropriate voltage satisfied, this servo should be able to be driven from an EZ-B v4 digital port. Seems, as I've read within the community, this would be no problem.

If you have the time to comment, I would be grateful.

Thank you.