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User Book To Better Under Stand Scripting/ Programming

Hoping/ wondering if anyone has suggestions on a book that would help me with scripting and understanding programming something simple.

My work takes up so much Gray matter these days, it's hard keeping up with work, I love working on robots even though I don't get it sometimes. If I was retired then I can focus 100% On EZB.

So I'm looking for a book that I can refer back to that is basically simple for beginners. But related to EZ- builder. Thank you advance

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EZ-Robot is its own language, but it reminds me a lot of Python, luckily, this is one of the first languages many people learn. It is very user-friendly and human readable language. Many concepts in programming are transferable from one language to another, thus, learning one language helps you understand all languages (especially when starting at the beginning). If you are like me, I learn much better while listening and doing something kinesthetically.

Trevor Payne has a decent video introduction to Python if you are interested. The link is below:

Now, I know you said you want a book, so, I have added in the high school "textbook" for python in the link below:

The same author has a crash course, but I sadly have no experience with it:

Also, if you want to practice the basics, you can use a free program called Scratch (where Robotscratch came from). It is a great way to learn the basics in block coding environment; I used it to teach the basics of programming to Grade 4-6 students.

I hope that helps.


@mikebmac, thank you. I will have a look them tonight after work.


i agree with mikebmac.

my first programming was Sinclair BASIC (ZX spectrum) then GW-BASIC (IBM).

EZ-Scripts reminds me the BASIC because of the Labels/GoTo.

I remember when i started with PASCAL and C the teacher forced us to forget the Label/GoTo, and to structure the logic using loop structures (For, Do, While) the GoTo became a bad practice.

Python is a structured language (does not support GoTo) and is a good choice to learn programming, it's used in several fields.

My kids (3-4 grades) are learning programming in school, they started with Scratch, and now are learning Python.

The first programming language is very important, it will help wire the brain to solve the problems, the big complain at home is why i can't use Python with EZ-B:)

ARC uses Microsoft .NET so after handling Pyhton, learning c# for the Plugins is the next step.