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Useble Robot

hi all.as we know we can use the robosapien v1.bud i wonder iff its possible to use this one.
his head is higher then normal v1.
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Are there any other clues internally that this might be the same innards and therefore possibly work with the EZ-B.
I agree with @Robot-Doc.....@nomad, is this robosapien working or broken? If its working then you have to find a schematic and find the interface as shown in DJ' tutorials or if its broken then you "just" have to rip out the old brain and install the new one (EZ-B)....well we all know its not that easy but fun and challenging:) Wish I could be more helpful
I may be mistaken, but I think that is just a repainted V1 so it should work. Do you have any info about it?
i dont have one.i saw this on ebay
the brand is robowisdom and is not from wowwee.the head stands more ubove the choulders.
It seems what your looking at , is a "knockoff" , a close copy......and probably wont interface with the EZ-B :( .....If its cheap enough you can always "take your chances" !
yes its a knock off.but i like it.they are not to get here.and i save my money for the ultimate jd robot.:D:D