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Use An Ipod Touch

Hello i have an ipod touch just wondering if there there is an app for it that will control the EZ-B and if not do you have any plans to make one


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DJ stated before about an Iphone app in the mists and I remeber a little release of a video that showed a test of the servos on an iphone simulation. I am sure there is not much of a difference between releasing an app for Ipod and iphone only systems capabilities so the ability is there for future release.


Also dont forget the web server options let you run limited funcions onjust about anything with a browers.

  • there also apps like VNC or splashtop.

what im interested in is a more direct link because the ipod has bluetooth built into it and motion censers so it would be cool to control a bot with the ipod with out having to connect to a computer first like with the ar drone i can get many apps that connect directly to the drone that alow me to control it just by tillting the ipod and see on its screen the cam view