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Use A High Torque Stepper Instead Of Servo In Arms

@dj. Hey is there a feasable way to make a stepper motor perform the same functionality as a servo? I would like to have a small stepper inside the shoulder and elbow of the ombibot 2000. It's just a thought thanks


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DJ said he was going to be adding stepper motor control. I would like that also.
I hope dj adds it soon , seems like they are accurate and stronger than average rc servos.
I would also really like to see a stepper motor controller. I have like half a dozen steppers I've scavenged in my "evil robot army" parts bin. Now that I have the EZ-B Kit, I'm really excited to actually put all this stuff to use. As awesome as EZ-B is, I think stepper motors are a key component of robotics and supporting them is kind of a necessity.

Keep up the great work DJ.