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Updating To The Lattest Version Of ARC Software For Windows


Just wondering if it is best to uninstall previous version of ARC for Windows or if you can just update from within Windows ARC when the update box is flashing saying that there is a new update available and asks you if you want to download it? Also it would seem that if you uninstall the previous version you will lose all of your previous projects and files? Thanks much ! Rick B.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Except in very rare instances (which I believe have been resolved) it is best to just upgrade without Uninstalling.

Thanks much Alan ! Rick B.
@rbonari - you will never lose the files that you had created. Those files are installed in the My Documents folder, which ARC will never erase. The only files which will be removed are those installed with ARC, if you uninstall.
Thanks for th clarification DJ. Rick B.
I just got my new JD together and when I opened ARC It stated there is a new version. I uninstalled the ARC I had on my laptop. I downloaded and installed the new version. When I load the new version of ARC it locks up. I can't do anything in it, even minimizing or shrinking the window. I have to go to task manager to close it. I'm running Windows 8.1 64-bit. I even shut my laptop down and turned it back on but that didn't help. What's going on?
ARC is is now working for me. I think it was stubborn connecting to my laptop for some reason.
Great to hear:) Microsoft Windows is an enigma!